I love Google.

I love Google. Google is fair and unbiased. Google will not judge you by extra kilogram on your belly nor a few grey hairs on your head. Google will not tell you were over experienced. Google will not consider your foreign experience obsolete back in your home country. Google will not cancel a meeting, because of something "more important". Google does not give a sh*t if you are 24 or 42.

And most importantly, size does not matter for Google. Whether you are multi-billion multinational or new startup, we are all equal when facing of Goggle.

Google will judge fairly your real good job done. Why? How?

Google runs the smartest algorithms on earth. Thanks to these algorithms their share price increase 29 times since 2004 and Google has become company a company with 1 trillion USD market capitalisation.

Base on these algos, Google has ranked my humble new web site on the first page of their search results. Some keywords make it to the very top, #1 position, some are between 4th and 9th position.


One day big multinationals will come and push me down from the top, thanks to the war chest of money, that they are able to invest into SEO. But for now, I am celebrating.

Thank you Google, I love you.

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